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The power is out, and the generator to the building is broken. You must find all the generator parts as well as the key to the generator room to repair the generator and restore power. You are equipped with only a flashlight which has limited battery power so you must be quick. Your health degenerates as you spend time in the darkness. You must also be wary of the spooky effects of the basement. They are not good for your health. You can find candy to restore your health as well as batteries to extend the life of your flashlight. Press E to interact with doors and to repair the generator. Press F to toggle the flashlight. Press P to pause the game.

This version adds improves on the experience of v3 with an increased map size, new sound effects, physics, post processing, HUD animations, and a couple new custom meshes.


html.zip 657 MB
windows.zip 989 MB


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Hi jbrooks! I thought your game was fun. I really liked how the game made me feel truly lost which made it suspenseful, which made it pretty frightening when I got caught by the ghostly effect. Sound design was good, I liked the pickup sound and the ominous sounds of the ghosts, but I think you could add some ambient music or sounds to add to the spooky atmosphere. I'm starting to do reviews for indie devs to give feedback and love to devs like us so that we can all grow together :) Here's the blog I'm doing if you're interested. It has more feedback and other text. Thanks for the game! 

I loved it! I made a lets play on it and included the link in the description! 

Feel free to incorporate the video in your post if you would like to I would greatly appreciate it!


Completed this game here is the video....Thanks for this game Dev 5/5 :))